you haven't posted in 6 months! is there anything that i can help with? maybe i can help with housework or something, maybe i can babysit discord! just please let us know somehow that you're still alive!

FS: Oh my, that is so nice of you.. You’ll see, the one who makes the drawings is very busy, but this blog is far from dead. I am sorry if I cannot answer to you every week, as I would like to.

Sooo um, is this like a different reality from the one where Fluttershy reformed Discord and he 'helped' with the Tree of Harmony thing? Sorry I'm just a bit confused because of an earlier post that had adult Discord too...@.@ Either way, baby Discord is sooooo cute!

A/N:  To clarify this confusion. Baby Discord blog is not an alternate reality, it takes places after Discord was reformed but BEFORE Twilight became a princess. Just so you can situate yourselves in the timeline of the show.

Profiting this note, I would like to thank you all for  following the blog for this long.  What I love most is when people comment on the posts via reblog, that is really fun and encouraging. New posts are on the way!

Sweetie:  Uummmn… I guess not.

Flutteshy: Hum… I .. I think he is trying to tell you that he can’t eat  any of those yet.


A/N: Sorry, I have tried about everything to post this animated version instead of the static ones, but TUMBLR gives me an error message each time I try. I welcome any suggestions to solve the issue. I would like to upload more GIF files, but it is very problematic.

*wakes up* OUIIIIIN!!! OUIIIIIN!!!

Where could we ask Twilight?

Fluttershy:  Zzzzz… **.  *gasp*. Eumm… You just have to ask addressing her..  Like  you do with us… ZZZZZZZ

Fluttershy: Good night, my little ones

Fluttershy: They grow up so fast…

*snore* ZZZZ…